In each season, homeowners rely on their HVAC systems for the comfort of their house. Of course, you don’t want your heating to break down on a very cold winter night or malfunction on a hot summer day. Setting up a regular HVAC inspection with a professional HVAC company is the best thing you can do to prevent your HVAC systems from malfunctioning.?? 

However, what is included during an HVAC service maintenance? Today, we’re going to share with you several things you should know about HVAC Nampa Idaho service tune-ups.?? 

Whenever you hire a professional HVAC company for heating and cooling tune-up, you should expect that a professional HVAC technician will arrive at your house on time for a meticulous visual assessment and cleaning. Your furnace or AC may or may not require repairs. This greatly depends on what the professional technician sees.?? 

Why Do You Need to Tune-Up Your HVAC System?

In almost every home, the HVAC system is hidden behind floors and ceilings. Because of this, they are extremely easy to forget. Unfortunately, your system will perhaps meet the end of its life cycle sooner, breakdown more frequently, and run less efficiently if you mistreat it.?? 

Keeping your AC and furnace working properly every single season is the reason why you need to tune up your HVAC.?? 

There are other things you can do as well if you tune up your HVAC system. This includes:? 

  • Add years to the life of your system? 
  • Have fewer costly repairs? 
  • Lower your cooling and heating bills? 

In addition to that, almost every manufacturer will require regular tune-up and maintenance to keep the warranty in excellent standing. Because of these benefits, the cost of maintaining your HVAC system is extremely worth it.?? 

For every HVAC system, it is recommended to schedule maintenance every year. This means you’ve got to schedule an appointment for your cooling during the spring season and having your heater checked and cleaned during fall. If you do this, you can prepare the unit to work properly during the upcoming heating or cooling season.?? 

Unfortunately, you can’t achieve these benefits if you don’t hire the right professionals. Since the HVAC industry is a big industry, it can be difficult to find the right one. If you want to have your HVAC cleaned and maintained, make sure you do your research first.??? 

What is an HVAC Tune-Up? 

During a precision tune-up and system inspection, here are several things that you should expect from a professional HVAC company:? 

  • Examine the condensate drain and if required, apply biocide treatment? 
  • Check and clean the evaporator and condenser coils? 
  • If required, measure and fine-tune the refrigerant charge? 
  • Inspect and secure every electrical connection? 
  • Maintain every moving component? 
  • Measure the system airflow of the gauge? 
  • Measure the rise of temperature? 
  • Check heating/cooling cycles and start-up? 
  • Check and clean blower parts? 
  • Check safety controls 
  • Figure out the amperage and voltage? 
  • Calibrate the thermostat? 
  • Validate the quality of installation? 
  • Guarantee proper system operation? 
  • Examine and add a new air filter, if needed? 
  • Examine open space near the unit?